County's first medical marijuana dispensary opens Tuesday | WPEC – WPEC

County’s first medical marijuana dispensary opens Tuesday. (WPEC)

LAKE WORTH, Fla. (CBS 12) — 

It’s been a year since voters in Palm Beach County approved medical marijuana.

And Tuesday the first dispensary will open its doors.

This dispensary at the corner of Dixie Highway and Lake Avenue, right across the street from Lake Worth City Hall.

When patients come to get their marijuana they can’t just open the door. It is locked. They have to be buzzed in. They go to a reception desk, and will be on surveillance cameras. The dispensary has 16 cameras, including five outside. They’ll be asked if they have a medical marijuana ID card, which is issued by the state of Florida. If they have one of those, then they’ll proceed to the next step.

To get the marijuana, they walk through another locked door and into the atrium. There room has glass counters and shelves, with medical marijuana available for purchase.

They will get their doctor’s order filled, and they can get up to a 70 day supply of medical marijuana.

The Knox Medical dispensary will have an armed guard on duty during business hours.

The dispensary sells marijuana oil, that parents can administer by putting a drop on their tongue. And marijuana cartridges, that they use in a vape pen.

The pot is grown in Winter Garden in central Florida.

Nearby merchants don’t seem to have a problem with their new neighbor, as long as everyone plays by the rules.

“I have no problem with it. As long as it’s regulated, laws are followed. I see no problem with it,” said Brian Stone, a cook and driver at Downtown Pizza.

“This is for medication, huh? If for medication,

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