Guillermo Bravo: The ROI of Cannabis Dispensary Marketing – Cashinbis (press release) (blog)

At Foottraffik, the cannabis revolution starts with rebranding the industry as an innovative space for future-minded professionals. Foottraffik is an-ROI focused cannabis dispensary marketing agency based in San Francisco.

Foottraffik CEO Guillermo Bravo is a revolutionary first, and a cannabis marketer second. Foottraffik experts are working remotely from the West Coast to the East Coast, focused on content marketing, media buying, public relationssearch engine optimization and social media.

The Sonoma, CA, native’s entry to the cannabis industry was right here on Cashinbis, which Bravo co-founded in 2014, as one of the first B2B publications for the nascent industry. He started by “interviewing CEOs, innovators, entrepreneurs – the movers and shakers in the industry,” he says.

Bravo spoke with Cashinbis about Foottraffik’s priorities in rebranding the cannabis industry.

Cashinbis: What’s your biggest takeaway from media involvement in the cannabis industry?

Guillermo Bravo: “From interviewing leaders you get to see how diverse the landscape is. This is controversial, but I’ll say it — you’re dealing with former drug dealers all the way up to venture capitalists. They’re passionate about the plant, whether they’re activists or investors. Everyone comes from a different background.”

 you’re dealing with former drug dealers all the way up to venture capitalists

“It’s an exciting place to be. This is a once-in-a-generation movement, like prohibition. There are opportunities to get rich and build empires.”

What’s important to people who are looking for a dispensary?

“The product, price, location, and user experience: Do they have live menus and a welcoming environment? Are the budtenders educated? Are there short lines?

Harvest in San Francisco has two stores that offer events like dabbing, and ‘bud & breakfast’ events that create a sense of community. There’s an abundance of dispensaries in San Francisco, and you tend to find where you’re comfortable and stick to that.”

What are the advantages of hiring

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