#159, San Jose cannabis dispensary delivers in Teslas – The Weekly Driver

Chris Lane is the chief marketing officer of Airfield Supply Co., a cannabis dispensary in San Jose, California. Its name is derived from the company’s proximity to the San Jose International Airport. Its motto is “High Is A Place.”

The company is thriving in the Silicon Valley, where marijuana delivery is a competitive segment of the business community. Airfield Supply also recently determined it can more efficiently deliver its product. It added six Telsa Model 3s to its delivery fleet.

Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose, California, has six Teslas in its cannabis delivery fleet.

Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia talk with Lane about the cannabis industry in the Silicon Valley and the Airfield’s decision to utilize the electric sports car in its business.

With sales increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Airfield’s delivery capabilities are a new benchmark across the industry, the company notes.

Cannabis Delivery In Style — Tesla

According to industry reports, Silicon Valley has had a 400 percent increase in marijuana deliveries since the pandemic began.

“The Tesla fleet is an investment that will in time pay for itself and considering that with future updates pushed directly to the vehicle, the Model 3 will only become more sustainable over time,” the company said.

Lane, who discussed regulations of cannabis delivery vehicles, noted the efficiency of the Teslas in the company fleet. Airfield says it saves about $10,000 per Tesla annually or $60,000 per year compared to gasoline vehicles.

“We’ve expanded our delivery program, reduced prices and minimum ordering costs in order to be a better neighbor to our customers and to make it just that much more affordable and convenient for everyone,” said

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