Daily Archives: September 24, 2019

Bentonville cannabis dispensary is one of the state's newest startups – talkbusiness.net

When Arkansans think about the state’s startup scene, the images that come to mind are over-caffeinated Millennials in co-working spaces with laptop computers and smartphones whiteboarding a way to tap into the algorithms of social media code that will parlay their shoestring budgets into a multimillion-dollar buyout. Yeah, that’s not […]

Dream Water Announces Global Partnership with Hockey Superstar Auston Matthews – Cannabis Dispensary

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker declared a public health emergency and announced a four-month ban on vape sales statewide. This includes cannabis vape cartridges sold in licensed dispensaries. Naomi Martin of The Boston Globe tweeted live from the press conference today: Breaking: Gov Baker bans all sales of vapes – both […]