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While many bars, restaurants, and businesses are closed in the city due to coronoavirus, some businesses are still up and running. A few Chicago recreational weed dispensaries are still open for business with curbside pickup. As the new virus spreads and continues to affect us, newly opened dispensaries have had to figure out how to adjust their operations, which for some means no recreational sales. Lucky for us, there are still a few open to the general public.


MedMen is a recreational weed dispensary near you in Chicago that still has its doors open but is encouraging customers to order online so they can do express pick-ups and deliveries when available. They have designated hours for minimal contact among customers as their delivery has been delayed due to the volume of orders. Their employees are taking extra safety cautions like washing their hands multiple times throughout the workday, using hand sanitizer frequently and are cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces at the store. MedMen is also using its best judgment with social distancing within stores and are ensuring a 6-foot distance is maintained among all employees while helping customers maintain this distance as well.

Advertisement Photo Credit: Sunnyside Dispensary Sunnyside

Not only does Sunnyside have special hours for those with heightened health risks, but they’ve also expanded their hours to best meet the needs of all their consumers. That said, adult-use customers are limited to online ordering and pick up, unless they meet the special hours criteria of those with a heightened health risk, essentially 55+ adults. Medical customers are welcome to order from this Chicago weed dispensary online or walk in during all open hours.

Photo Credit: Verilife Verilife

Verilife is also keeping its doors open at this time

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