9000 Sq. ft. OKC Dispensary & Meditation Center Raises the Bar for USA Marijuana Industry – PRNewswire

In 2018, Ford Austin and his sister/partner Shayna L. Marino decided to rebrand their 100 year-old family business APCO Oil Corporation from an oil & gas company founded in 1919 by their great grandfather, J. Steve Anderson with his partner L Prichard to APCO Med, a full service department store of medical marijuana located in the Uptown district of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Just a century ago, oil exploded in the US thanks in part to companies like APCO Oil. And while that boom thrust the people of Oklahoma out of the Great Depression, it seemed only fitting to open the APCO flagship store in Oklahoma, the newest state to experience an economic boom from the “green rush” of medical marijuana legalization.

Much like its predecessor company APCO Oil, APCO MED is staking its claim in a new industry by providing something no other marijuana dispensary has even considered. “We decided that marijuana is just a part of our overall business,” says Mr. Austin. “We have created a 9,000 square-foot public cannabis community space with complimentary beverages & services for our customers like a full patient lounge, free WIFI, cannabis education classes and high-end meditation classes to help you heal your mind while the cannabis products we sell help you heal your body. It’s more than just a store. It’s an experience.”

APCO MED OKC medical marijuana dispensary makes no actual claims as to the benefits of their line of Oklahoma made CBD and THC products, but their customers have been singing their praises. Many of the people we spoke with at the grand opening mentioned that even their basic CBD products help to alleviate pain like no opiate could.

Shayna L. Marino, APCO MED co-founder and Vice President states, “Oregon, Colorado, Washington, California & Nevada have all paved the way towards widespread

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