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Tucked away at the end of a business strip in east Tulsa, the stock of medical marijuana flower at Healthy Buds Dispensary sells out almost as fast as owner Michael Monroe picks it up from a grower in Oklahoma City.

“I generally get about a 15-minute break every two hours,” Monroe said Wednesday morning. “Honestly, it’s the older customers coming in. I would say 80 percent of them are older than 50.”

At first glance, Healthy Buds might look skeletal for a dispensary operation. The business near 21st Street and Memorial Drive is mostly empty except for some furniture and a counter area Monroe uses to interact with patients.

Monroe verifies patients’ license numbers online with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority before using a gloved hand to remove the buds he has from a large bag and weigh the amount requested. From there, he places it either in a smaller vacuum-sealed bag or a green container that resembles a prescription bottle, then affixes a label that says “Medical Cannabis” to the front.

“I’m absolutely legitimate and legal in my purchase activities so I have no fear, no paranoia,” said one older customer who didn’t want to be identified. “I like the fact that it’s in a bottle. We’re not talking about people smoking blunts out on the front porch. It is what it should be. It’s discreet and quiet, so I like that.”

Monroe said he’s seen customers from places such as Inola, Miami, Muskogee and Wagoner since he began publicizing he would have buds for sale. He had to close for more than four hours early on Monday after running out, prompting repeated trips to Oklahoma City.

However, he said it hasn’t

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