Another Dispensary for Kalamazoo? Coming Soon to Gull Road –

An empty bank that sits on Gull Road in Kalamazoo may soon be replaced by, you guessed it, another dispensary.

On Kalamazoo’s Reddit page, someone asked about the old bank on Nazareth and Gull Road and whether or not anyone knew what was replacing it. The majority of the comments were merely guesses. People suggested perhaps another bank would be occupying the building or even a new sandwich shop.

However, Reddit user Remarkable_Device_95 shared a Facebook link to the page for CD Barnes Construction.

On July 19th of this year, CD Barnes Construction shared a post that read,

We’ve started demo on our second Skymint project in Kalamazoo!

Skymint, for those that don’t know, is a marijuana dispensary with locations across the state of Michigan. Their website labels their products as ‘premium’ which may be why their prices seem to be a bit higher than other, local dispensaries. However, it appears that they oggrt deliveries and discounts for veterans. You can see more here.

If Skymint is, in fact, moving in to that building on the corner of Gull and Nazareth it’ll join the long list of established dispensaries in the Kalamazoo area.

Out of curiosity, I did a quick google search to see just how many dispensaries were “near me”…

Via Google Maps

That’s a LOT of dispensaries in one area. I count 18.

I reached out to Skymint to see if I could confirm these plans for a new location on Gull Road but have yet to hear back. As well, there’s no indication on their website that a new location is coming soon.

CD Barnes Construction has made a lot of progress on the building since July. I drove by this morning and they were hard at work. So, a new business is definitely moving in. We’ll just have to wait to see who it is.

Speaking of dispensaries,

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