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By Johnny Keyes

Just recently, I made a whirlwind tour of our local marijuana dispensaries. I would like to offer my observations and recommendations.

First, you are running a business. Please be more businesslike. Don’t be more stoned then the clients coming in to purchase your products. It is unbecoming. I have already seen many mistakes made, and wrong information given to clients.

Next, understand what is it that you do. You are selling a drug. Know your products. Be able to discuss your products with intelligence and knowledge. I see that many times, when asked a question, the response is, “Well, I believe it is.”

Your customers are deserving of accurate information from an educated and well informed “budtender” around cannabis products. Not what you necessarily “believe” to be true.

Study your craft. Know what you are talking about, or otherwise you do a dis-service to your profession, your clients, and potentially the reputation of pot dispensaries in general.

And please price your items. Some dispensaries have nice displays of product without a clue indicated as to pricing. This is not only confusing to your clients, but it is also confusing to your employees as well. You’d also be helping seniors who may have lessened eyesight.

At two locations, I was misquoted prices. A quote of $50 on one item became $100 at the register.

Be honest and upfront with your clients. There is no logical reason I can find to keep your prices a secret, unless that is your intention. And being given one price verbally, and then to see it doubled at the register virtually guarantees a no return for your client.

And people/customers DO shop around.

So consider the image of your establishment. Is it clean, inviting, and safe, or would a grandmother be afraid to come

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