Antioch to consider cannabis dispensary next to church and mosque – Vallejo Times Herald

A proposal to allow a cannabis dispensary and delivery business next to a mosque in northwest Antioch has caused concern for some community members.

Rick Hoke, who owns a building at 2101 W. 10th St., is proposing to locate Delta Cannabis Dispensary at his site where the Victory Outreach Church also operates. The proposed business is about 2,200 feet west of the city’s first approved cannabis dispensary, One Plant.

But members of the Masjid AbuBakr AlSaddiq Mosque and Community Center at 2001 W. 10th St. say they’d prefer not to see a cannabis business locate right next to their facilities. They spoke at the last planning commission meeting and plan to be at the council meeting Tuesday night when it will consider the matter following a public hearing.

“How do we do our activities in this mosque if they open this place next to it?” community leader Abdo Hadwan asked. “This one we have children every day on a daily basis. This is too close.”

Hadwan, who also is a spokesman for the American Yemeni Association, said the cannabis dispensary is the first issue to face the mosque’s community since locating on 10th Street in Antioch two years ago.

“It used to be a very safe block, but I don’t know how it is going to look like if they open this place,” he said. “I am just concerned if they buy the weed and start smoking outside of our building.”

Hadwan said some 400 people, including many children, come to the mosque daily to pray and participate in activities.

“It’s a bad influence, bad environment,” Hadwan added. “Kids will come to the mosque and there is a marijuana business next door.”

The operations call for the on-site sale of retail cannabis products, as well as retail delivery of cannabis

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