Application for Mission's 5th marijuana dispensary goes forward, council seeks public's input – Mission City Record

An application for another pot shop in Mission is going forward, and council is seeking the public’s input.

“Mission Cannabis” would be located on the corner of Cedar Street and Tunbridge Avenue, and would be the community’s fifth marijuana dispensary if approved.

Councillors decided to waive the physical public hearing as COVID-19 cases surge across the province, instead opting for written submissions to be handed in by Dec. 7.

There was hesitation expressed by some councillors to approve another pot shop before the three other approved stores officially open.

Coun. Ken Herar said he’d like to see how the stores open up before “we add anymore to the hopper.” He also expressed concern over future development in the area, which he said may require a new school at some point.

Cannabis retail stores are not permitted to be within 250 metres of public or private schools, according to municipal bylaws, and must be 150 metres from other pot shops.

Staff advised council to consider making a resolution to say they won’t be accepting any more application until the other stores are up and running.

“We shouldn’t be putting people though the hoops if we’re not going to consider their applications,” said Coun. Cal Crawford.

The applicant has already made a donation to the Mission Hospice Society, and received a letter of thanks and support. The store owners has pledged $10,000 annually towards local charities and societies if approved.

Council decided to double the radius of the public-input notification to 300 metres, at the request of Coun. Carol Hamilton. She said the area is “not that developed,” and they should try and include as many neighbours as possible.

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