Area marijuana dispensary prepares for recreational addition – KWQC-TV6

MILAN, Illinois (KWQC) – The legalization of recreational marijuana means big things for one local dispensary.

“After today we will be adding an addition to our existing facility in Milan,” said Nature’s Treatment operations manager, Ron Glassner. “We’re going to put an exact replica of our current building right next to the current building and we’ll try to keep the different customer bases separated.”

Glassner says the number of customers that come for medical reasons shouldn’t waiver either.

“I don’t think it’s going to diminish our medical, the other thing about the recreational side of our business is the taxation is much higher,” Glassner said. “For instance, the medical side only pays a regular sales tax, and on the recreational side it’s anywhere from 10 to 25 percent sales tax.”

Because of his experience with the medical dispensary, he feels their company is prepared.

“The everyday management of the business is probably going to be pretty much the same,” he said. “Also, the purchasing of the medical cannabis and the recreational are, at least from the beginning, going to be from the same cultivation centers that we currently use.”

He’s proud to bring more growth and job opportunities to the QCA.

“As far as jobs are concerned, we’ll probably be at least doubling our work force, and maybe even more than that,” he said.

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