Arizona Organix triples in size to meet demand for cannabis – AZ Big Media

Arizona Organix, the state’s first licensed marijuana dispensary, has tripled in size in order to meet demand and maintain an enjoyable cannabis buying experience. The expansion, which culminated in a grand opening late last month, reflects the anticipated growth of cannabis sales that many experts had predicted following the passage of Prop 207 in November of 2020, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana in January of this year.

The additional space at Arizona Organix, an award-winning dispensary in Glendale, allowed the company to expand its staff of knowledgeable budtenders and increase its checkout stations from 8 to 32.

“We just needed more space. Since the passage of Prop 207, we’ve seen a notable increase in traffic and interest, which absolutely necessitated an expansion,” Mark Myer, Arizona Organix CEO, said.

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Industry reports support anecdotal reports of growth throughout Arizona’s cannabis industry. BDSA reports Arizona became the fastest state on record to transition from a state that only permitted medical use to one that authorized adult recreational use. The state has seen about $1 billion in marijuana sales for 2021, translating to more than $115 million in tax revenue for medical and recreational sales combined, according to the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Marijuana Business Daily forecasts that Arizona could be home to a $700 million recreational cannabis market by 2024.

“As the state’s first licensed dispensary for medical marijuana, we’ve always had a strong client base for those using cannabis for medicinal purposes. But, we’ve definitely seen an influx of new clients looking to learn about and try cannabis for recreational purposes over the past year,” Myer said.

By adding additional square feet to the dispensary, Arizona Organix

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