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Inspectors from the state Alcohol Beverage Control board checked everything from door locks to security cameras and found there are some minor issues that both ReLeaf Center and Arkansas Medicinal Source Patient Center need to fix before they open. Owners of both dispensaries said they had problems with a glitch in the state’s tracking software. The facilities’ systems have to link with the state’s database to measure the amounts of medical marijuana sold. Scott Hardin with the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration said this was the first time the state conducted two inspections in one day. “It’s a long check list. It’s as simple as, ‘Is this in place?’, ‘Was this tested?’, ‘Did it work?’,” Hardin said. Hardin said the earliest the facilities could open is Wednesday or Thursday.”If everything was in place, Wednesday would be the day we could issue the approval to the dispensaries,” he said. “After that, it is totally up to the dispensaries what day and time they open.” Every square foot of the medical marijuana facilities has to be under surveillance 24/7. Buddy Wayne, the dispensary superintendent at ReLeaf Center, said he appreciated how thorough the ABC agents were during the inspection. “They showed us tiny little things that we’re really grateful that they pointed out,” Wayne said. “We are delighted to have such a thorough group, and we are really happy to have the state come by and see our business and see how we are going to be helping the community.”Erik Danielson, the owner at AMS Patient Center, said the glitch in the software will delay the dispensary’s opening. For right now, Wayne said ReLeaf Center is still on track to open on time.”We’re on schedule. Everything is good to go. We’re delighted with the whole thing and we are going to

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