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After pushing back the opening numerous times, Harvest Medical Marijuana Dispensary is finally opening in Bismarck.

The dispensary is located across the street from the Bank of North Dakota on Memorial Highway. This will be the second dispensary to open in the western part of our state.

The General Manager tells me the opening has a variety of benefits for the community.

General Manager of Bismarck Harvest Ben Hecht says, “I think the immediate and first benefit we will be bringing is the quality education we have so we can educate and empower our patients to take an active role in improving their quality of life.”

He hopes that the new dispensary will go further than just helping patients feel better but really bring the community together.

“Letting people know that we are here and why we are here and what we are doing,” says Hecht. “I look forward to partnering with other businesses, non-profits, and volunteering and doing anything and everything we can do to lift the community up is what we want to do.”

Anyone is welcome in the Harvest of Bismarck waiting room, but in order to get into the sales room, you are required to have a medical marijuana license. Hecht assures me that they also take security very seriously at the new building.

“I can let you know it is an extremely secure and safe facility regarding protecting the identity and the privacy of our patients. That is upmost importance to us, so that is part of our training for my team and that we operate in a way that is respectful, professional, and discreet so everyone feels comfortable here.”

All the products sold are grown, packaged, produced and delivered within the state of North Dakota. They hope that this centralized location will help reach

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