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Sep. 30—After a few years since medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma, business at local dispensaries has been consistent for both new and established locations.

At Primetime Buds, traffic has slowed down slightly, but there’s been no dramatic change to the operation. Manager Blaine Mooney said many of the patients who visit Primetime also grow their own marijuana at home.

“It’s harvest season right now,” he said. “Everybody is getting their bud off their plants, so there’s no need for them to come buy from us if they have their own.”

Still, there’s been plenty of new faces to show up at the dispensary as of late. Mooney contributed some of the influx of new patients to Northeastern State University’s fall semester being in session. He said it also helps that they offer a discount for the NSU community.

“We just did an event last weekend and we got 40 new recommendations from the doctor,” he said.

One change the dispensary has had to make is how they deal with patients, though. The staff was told recently by an inspector that bud tenders aren’t allowed to offer much medical advice, so the dispensary workers have to word how a particular product might affect someone differently.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is actually short on inspectors at the moment. OMMA Executive Director Adria Berry recently said her highest priority at the moment is to hire enough compliance inspectors to catch up on the current backlog of inspections.

“It is a matter of public health and patient safety to ensure every business licensed by OMMA, including grows, is fully inspected,” she said.

The backlog of inspections isn’t the only thing the authority is reportedly trying to get caught up on. At Yellow House Dispensary in Tahlequah, Grant Tracy said the first round of patient license renewals that started last year

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