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The opening of a recreational marijuana dispensary in Arlington continues to inch forward, as multiple groups have expressed interest in opening a retail shop.

The Select Board spoke with John Brown of Apothca, Inc. who currently operates a medicinal use dispensary located on Water Street, during a meeting on Monday, March 11. Apothca was seeking approval from the board to be granted one of the three licenses the town has to give out to prospective business operators in the wake of Massachusetts legalizing recreational cannabis use in 2016.

Apothca was seeking to sign what is called a Host Community Agreement, a contract between a retailer and a community setting up guidelines that a retailer must adhere to before signing an agreement with the town. The agreement includes a provision that Arlington receives 3 percent of the revenue from all sales.

“As a sign of good faith with the town, we are going to have a the maximum (3 percent) tax on all of our sales,” Brown said.

Apothca said that if approved, the dispensary would close down its location on Water Street and merge its medicinal sales with its recreational outlet, which would open at 1386 Massachusetts Ave. Apothca currently operates a retail establishment in Lynn and has a growing facility in Fitchburg.

The Select Board did not vote on the issue, citing that they had only recently received the information and did not feel comfortable issuing a verdict about something they had only studied for a short time.

“I can’t vote on something when it has just been put in front of me today,” Board member Clarissa Rowe said.

Complicating the issue, another, unnamed party emerged during the meeting. A group being represented by Town Moderator John Leone, said that they were also looking into getting a license from

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