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With so many dehumidification and HVAC offerings on the market for cannabis cultivators, it may be difficult for growers to select the system that is right for their specific situation.

For Geoff Brown, VP of Technical Solutions for Quest, learning as much as possible about what happens in a client’s grow room and how the cultivator expects to operate that room is critical when guiding growers in equipment selection.

Quest’s IQ Series of dehumidifiers, for example, each represent a different offering to the market that is largely based on what a specific cultivator or facility requires.

“In order to determine that accurately, we really need to become partners with the growers,” Brown says. “[We must] learn everything they’re going to do with that system, how they’re going to do it [and] how they anticipate operating their facility.”

In order to determine what equipment might be best, Brown encourages growers to consider these factors:

1. Size of the Operation

The size of a cultivation operation is a key factor when choosing a dehumidification and HVAC system, Brown says. The Quest Evolution, for example, is an indoor split unit, with an air handling piece located inside the facility and a Dry Cooler placed outside as heat protection.

“It’s kind of like the air conditioner that would be on your house, where you have your furnace or your air handler inside and then you’ve got a condensing unit outside,” Brown says.

The Dry Cooler operates on a food-grade water-glycol mix, which is available on all of Quest’s IQ systems that offer cooling. This eliminates the need for refrigerant lines, so if there’s ever a leak in the system, it will leak the food-grade glycol or water onto the facility’s roof or inside the grow room, rather than refrigerant, which could harm the infrastructure

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