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In March 2020, millions of people worldwide hunkered down at home to contain the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus.  

Some of Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC)’s 29 employees did the same. Those not critical to the physical daily operations of the vertically integrated medical cannabis company in Manchaca, Texas, supported social distancing recommendations by carrying out their duties from makeshift home offices, making it safer for rest of the team to mask up and press on at the facility. Pandemic or not, everyone at TOCC had an important role—and an essential one, even: to grow, manufacture and deliver cannabis medicine to Texans who need it most.

CEO Morris Denton believes the resolve of TOCC’s team to forge ahead during this chaotic and uncertain period can be directly attributed to the culture the business has fostered since its founding in 2017.  

“Within the company, there is a real purpose-driven nature,” Denton says. “Everyone understands what it is that they do and how what they do contributes to the well-being of the patients that we serve. So there’s this real connective tissue … between what we do in our everyday operations and how it’s changing someone’s life.”

© Paige Newton
Morris Denton, CEO, Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation

As a result of that carefully crafted culture, TOCC earned the No. 1 ranking in Cannabis Dispensary’s 2021 Best Cannabis Companies to Work For list. 

Striving to Be the Gold Standard

Long before COVID-19 reached its community, the building of TOCC’s small-but-mighty team had been centered around versatility and example setting.

As the first of only a handful of operators in perhaps the country’s most restrictive medical cannabis program—establishing a solid team was imperative to building trust not only within their own walls, but also with the Texas community and state regulators.


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