Cannabis Country — 4/20: Big Day for Cannabis at Local Dispensary – Sonoma West

The “big day” is coming. No, this “big day” is not the day to file income tax returns. Nor is it Mother’s Day that’s celebrated this year on May 14. In this instance the “big day” is April 20, known to marijuana smokers, growers and merchants around world as “4/20.” The holiday has been celebrated ever since the early 1970s when a group of students from Marin began to gather on April 20 to smoke dope and get high. Indeed, many stoners take off from work, stay home, roll joints and smoke steadily. For them, it’s as much a holiday as Memorial Day or Flag Day.

Over the years, the nature of the celebration has changed as customs and laws have changed, and as newer generations of pot smokers have joined older generations. But what has remained the same over the past 40 or so years, is a reverence for cannabis and a willingness to enjoy it with members of the cannabis tribe, sometimes in public, sometimes in private.

“4/20” was originally meant to be code understood only by those on the inside of the marijuana culture.

At OrganiCann, one the biggest and best medical marijuana dispensaries in northern California, Dona Frank and her team began to prepare for 4/20 a month ahead of time. From years of experience, they knew that the store would be packed, business brisker than on any other single day of the year and that they would have to plan ahead if they didn’t want to descend into chaos.

Frank has been smoking marijuana ever since she was a teenager in the 1970s growing up in Detroit, Michigan. She’s been celebrating 4/20 almost all her adult life and she’s adhered to

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