Cannabis dispensaries are opening to the general public. – Inside Tucson Business

Outside midtown’s Harvest cannabis dispensary, Sammy Magro said she had no problem standing in line to get legal THC cartridges instead of purchasing them off the black market as she had done for years. It was a sunny day in the low 70s and the line was moving quickly, so Magro didn’t mind the wait, she said. 

“I’m excited about this. It’s my first time buying legally,” Magro said. “I’m looking for cartridges today because it’s better than getting them off the street because they’re pure.”

Bryce Hill said he has bought recreational marijuana in other legal states and he was glad adult-use sales had finally come to Pima County because of the tax benefits. 

“I think it’s going to benefit the community because it’s taxed pretty heavily,” Hill said. “I forgot the exact numbers, but like Colorado, when they first legalized it they got massive amounts of money.” 

Others in the line would only give their first name—either due to the ongoing stigma of being associated with marijuana usage or a need for privacy. Charles X said he thought recreational marijuana was a very useful thing for the community to have, especially during a pandemic. 

“I’ve lived in Oregon before, so recreational legal marijuana for the citizenry is nothing new to me,” Charles X said. “But I think it’s an excellent alternative to many of the substances people have turned to for stress relief during the pandemic.”

The customers outside Harvest, 2734 E. Grant Road, were just a few of the thousands of Tucsonans who have been standing in line, sometimes for hours, for the chance to purchase recreational weed. Once inside the dispensaries, customers are discovering not only high-quality cannabis buds, but also a variety of marijuana extracts that can be smoked, eaten or applied

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