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Nothing is that legitimate unless there’s a book about it for dummies. My dad learned how to coach Little League basketball and install Windows 97 thanks to the triangle-headed nerd who’s been on the cover of nearly 2,500 different self-help guides, aiding millions of readers. Now, the Dummies franchise has decided that cannabis is too big to avoid, bringing in former Native Roots executive Kim Casey to author a book about the plant.

The onetime communications director for Colorado’s largest dispensary chain has experience in the cannabis industry and with its constantly changing laws that few can rival, and she puts that experience to good use in her newly published Cannabis for Dummies. We caught up with Casey to learn more about the book, including which dummies will find it most helpful.

Westword: Is this part of the real Dummies franchise?

Kim Casey: Yes, this is the real Dummies series from Wiley [Publishing], which has a long history of educational content around the world. The book is written in the traditional Dummies format and language, with lists and step-by-step directions to help readers gain knowledge, expertise and comfort with the subject. It certainly says a lot about how cannabis has arrived in the mainstream for a publisher and series with this type of reputation to enter the world of cannabis. This should also be reassuring to readers who may be interested in learning about cannabis but are still wary about the subject.

How do you get approved as an expert to write one of these? Is there some sort of test, or…?

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As the former communications manager for Native Roots dispensary, one of the larger cannabis businesses in North America, I accumulated the in-depth insight and day-to-day knowledge of the business along with the help of

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