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SHOW LOW — Marijuana seed seller Michael Moss didn’t close his business because of pressure from U.S. postal inspectors but rather allegedly because of pressure from the Arizona Dispensaries Association (ADA), he said in an online video meeting.

He said it is because he is competition in their rapidly growing market.

Shortly before shutting down his marijuana seed business (MossMseeds that he started in 2016), Moss said he was in a Zoom meeting with members of the ADA. He said about 50 people attended the online video meeting.

Samuel Richard, ADA executive director, denies even knowing Moss let alone that his organization is putting any pressure on him.

“It doesn’t even sound like something that we would ever talk about in an association meeting,” Richard said.

Richard said the meeting was more likely one held by the Arizona Department of Health Services and not an official association meeting.

“We have a pretty good name recognition within the industry. Sometimes people confuse our meetings with meetings that the Department of Health has themselves. I do remember when the first draft of adult-use regulation came out, the Department of Health had a series of two or three Q-and-A sessions. On one of those calls there was a question of ‘Can we sell seeds and clones?’ The answer was something to the effect of ‘absolutely as long as it is done in the environment of a dispensary,’ ” said Richard.

Moss took direct aim at the members of the Arizona Dispensaries Association.

“They are the ones breaking the law by shipping (marijuana) seeds over the state lines,” Moss said. “But they are allowed to do that. For whatever reason they are exempt. That’s what they’re coming

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