Cannabis seltzer made on an 18-wheeler dubbed the Wynk Wagon has rolled in to Massachusetts –

In Massachusetts, cannabis consumers will be able to try a THC-infused seltzer that was produced on an 18-wheeler.

Dubbed the Wynk Wagon, this tractor-trailer travels across the U.S., partnering with existing dispensaries to manufacture bubbly cannabis drinks, capitalizing on the exploding popularity of seltzer beverages.

Wynk co-founders Casey Parzych, Shawn Sheehan and Angus Rittenburg about a year ago struck up a conversation about how some people want to ween away from alcohol and switch to using cannabis.

Parzych owns a distilled spirits company and has been in the alcohol business for about 10 years. But the co-founders wanted to tap into a group of consumers who are ditching alcohol and instead gravitating toward a beverage that doesn’t come with a hangover in the morning.

That conversation led the trio to develop THC-infused Wynk.

“We talked about the problems that exist in cannabis. It’s still technically illegal on a federal level but different states have different rules,” Sheehan said. Building a manufacturing facility is also a big expense, particularly for brands that want to make cannabis products in several states that have legalized.

The team came up with a solution to that issue: how about a mobile operation?

There’s now one Wynk Wagon on the road and another that’s almost ready to go.

Rittenburg said the Wynk tractor-trailer is outfitted with all the elements needed to make a seltzer: power, air, CO2 and processing equipment to flavor and carbonate water. It’s designed so the truck can pull up to a dispensary. As long as there’s space to set up a canning line in the dispensary, the wagon does everything else, Rittenburg said.

With one canning line, 20,000 cans can be produced in one shift, Rittenburg said.

“The real magic of it is THC never leaves the confines of the building,” Rittenburg said. “So we actually add the THC right before the

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