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It can be a bit overwhelming, especially for a novice smoker, to look over a dispensary’s menu and try to select the product that’s best for you. Beyond just the differences in sativas and indicas, each strain has its own unique quirks and personality, and while your budtender will obviously be a helpful resource, it’s worth bearing in mind that he’s foremost a salesman at the end of the day.

But never fear: Ol’ Tommy Chims is here to help. Since we kicked off dedicated weed coverage back in April, I’ve toiled tirelessly to find the cream of the cannabis crop, visiting a double-digit number of dispensaries all across the St. Louis area and sampling dozens of different products. After all of that arduous work, I’ve found five strains of flower that I’m ready to full-throatedly recommend.

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Included in each blurb below is where I purchased these strains and who cultivated them. For those seeking them out, you could start by checking the online menus of the dispensaries I got them from, or you can head to, enter the name of the strain and find a list of local locations where they are available. Bear in mind, also, that as St. Louis’ medical marijuana industry continues to mature, the quality and selection of its cannabis products will only evolve. In keeping, it’s possible that the THC rating on these strains will be different in new batches than it was when I sampled them, so make sure to look closely and ask your budtender if you have any questions. And do hop in the comments to let me know which strains are your favorites — I’ve not yet managed to smoke every single batch of weed in

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