Church to occupy former golf course clubhouse, dispensary near BTW denied by City Council – Sapulpa Times

King’s Cross Presbyterian Church will relocate to the former Clary Fields Golf Course clubhouse at 9999 South 49th West Avenue. The property, located east of 49th West Avenue just north of the Creek Turnpike, is owned by Rockwall Bluestar OK, LLC, and will be rented by the Church. 

Though the Church has plans to buy a piece of the property, Urban Development Director Nikki Howard says that this application was requested because the organization needed more space, quickly, as they have outgrown their space at the old Goldie’s restaurant on Highway 66, and that approval was needed to rezone the property from agricultural to allow the church to operate there. 

The new location will provide plenty of parking for the congregation, and the church will make sure the building is well maintained and attractive. It will primarily be used on Sundays and limited times during the week, mostly in the evenings, and almost always inside. 

They also plan to establish a playground for church and neighboring children’s use. The application says the church will be a “quiet and peaceful neighbor…and a safe place for children or anyone else in need.” The church also says its “presence will be conducive to any development of the old golf course area and will serve as an anchor for the community.” 

On May 4th the Sapulpa Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the application to City Council. 

At the regular City Council meeting on Monday evening, Councilor Richard Hudson asked, “What will happen to the golf course surrounding the clubhouse?” Howard said that she was unaware of any current plans for the greens, but that this Special Use permit only affects the structure the church will occupy and its parking lot. 

Former Mayor and church elder Doug Haught was in attendance to

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