Clodagh Makes a Mark on Gotham’s New Green Scene – Architectural Digest

A living green wall sets a “biophiliac” tone at the new cannabis dispensary, Etain.


The mono-monikered Irish wellness designer Clodagh stands in a double-height atrium with a living plant wall, feng shui water features, and two white chandeliers made up of hundreds of cannabis leaves. Her jacket reads: “Buy Weed From Women.”

She’s at her latest project: Etain, one of only four medical marijuana dispensaries in Manhattan and the only female-owned cannabis business in the state—fittingly, its name derives from a heroine of Irish mythology. The newly renovated store, located on 242 East 58th Street, opened this month.

“We wanted a feeling of lightness here,” says Clodagh, who is known for spa designs for brands including Equinox, Six Sense, and Miraval. “People coming into the clinic might not be feeling their finest. You can’t overwhelm them with aggressive design. They need to feel comfortable and really welcome. It’s a very kind space.”

High-design dispensaries, ranging in style from Old World clubs to serene spas, abound in states like California and Colorado that have legalized recreational weed. But in New York—where only medical cannabis is legal and stringent state regulations influence every aspect of design—dispensaries have thus far taken the form of uninspired doctor’s offices.

Etain is the first medical marijuana dispensary in the city to tap a high-profile designer and attempt to marry legal codes and quality aesthetic concepts.

Irish designer Clodagh, the design mind behind Etain.

Courtesy: Clodagh

“From the beginning, the governor put an emphasis on the medical aspects of this and security,” said Hillary Peckham, chief operating officer and cofounder of Etain, which was licensed by the state five years ago. “Because of that, no one had taken a design approach to medical marijuana. In the beginning,

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