Commissioners try to weed through dispensary issue – Bouldercityreview

Boulder City’s Planning Commission opened the possibility to exploring options for marijuana industry-related businesses and research in the city during its meeting April 19.

By denying an amendment to add recreational marijuana dispensaries to the existing city code, the commission gave the City Council the ability to discover revenue-generating opportunities related to the industry.

According to City Planner Susan Danielewicz, the amendment would have changed the existing ordinance prohibiting medical marijuana establishments in Boulder City to all marijuana establishments. It would not prohibit people from using marijuana as permitted by state law.

Commissioner Jim Giannosa asked Danielewicz if the city had ever done a study on the amount of revenue from the sale of cannabis and if the state only distributed money from those sales to the cities that allowed dispensaries.

Danielewicz said the city had not done a study like that but the state may have, and in terms of the state’s distribution of funds, the city attorney would be the person to provide an answer.

“I know. I can get on NRS (Nevada Revised Statutes ) and find the law,” Giannosa said. “I’m more concerned about the ramifications of approving this or denying it, and those seem to be important questions. Those are important questions to me anyway.”

License fees

One example of revenue could be license fees; Giannosa said those have never been discussed.

“We (are) just clean, green Boulder City, blow this under the carpet. Let’s get it on,” he added. “I’m OK with that, but I sure would like to know that if the state is collecting $300 million worth of taxes, and we don’t participate, and we don’t get our 3 percent on that. That might be an argument or discussion to have and hear from people and how they feel about it.”


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