Commonwealth Dispensary Association weighing legal, legislative action after Massachusetts cannabis regulator –

The Commonwealth Dispensary Association is weighing its options and considering legal or legislative action following the approval of new delivery regulations by Massachusetts cannabis regulators.

A license type that will allow for the wholesale purchase of cannabis items to be warehoused and then sold and delivered has been lauded by supporters as an equitable and financially viable option. But opponents, including the CDA and some state lawmakers and municipal leaders, believe the license type violates the state Cannabis Control Commissions’ own statutes and will take money away from retailers and towns and cities.

“We’re still weighing our options at this point, whether we file legislation or take legal action,” said David Torrisi, the president of the CDA, which represents 80% of the adult- and medical-use market in the state. “We have not made any final determination but we plan on contesting them in some fashion.”

Commissioners on Monday, after weeks of discussion, voted to approve rules for home delivery of cannabis products, including a license type that will allow operators to purchase cannabis wholesale and then sell and deliver to consumers.

Couriers, on the other hand, will be licensed to deliver cannabis products directly to consumers or patients from a retailer. Couriers can charge fees but cannot sell, process, store or repackage goods.

The license types will be available only to economic empowerment or social equity applicants for three years. Those equity programs seek to benefit people who were disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs.

The commission in the coming weeks will file the final regulations with the Secretary of State’s Regulation Division for promulgation.

It could be months before deliveries are able to start.

Those in opposition of the regulations have argued that towns and cities may lose out on tax revenue if sales decrease at retailers once

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