Construction begins at Newton's Cypress Tree marijuana dispensary – Wicked Local Newton

Unless there are COVID-19 related delays, owners of medical / recreational marijuana dispensary Cypress Tree said construction could be finished by November.

CEO Victor Chiang this week said work on the Elliot Street location’s parking lot began in July.

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The company also completed a redesign of the 4,000-square-foot interior to allow for more social distancing in response to the pandemic. The design was approved by the city’s Inspectional Services Department.

Examples of some new safety measures are as follows:

Originally the building had one entrance, but now there is a separate exit.
For those who order online there will be a counter by the exit door.
There will be divider shields between points of sale and in front of customers.
Originally, there were sitting areas where customers could talk to staff and learn about different products. However, “In a COVID world, you’re not going to want to do that,” said Chiang. Therefore, the company will increase information online and with in-store pamphlets.
The company will offer curbside pickup.
The store will provide masks and hand sanitizer.

Chiang said he estimates there will be 15  to 20 employees per shift at the appointment-only store, including valets to park cars and security personnel.

In terms of traffic disruption, he said workers will need to dig a trench across Eliot Street in order to bring in a waterline, but he does not know the date yet.

So far the entire front parking lot has been dug up. After workers re-grade it, they will build a sidewalk in front of the building and along the driveway between the site and the gas station so there is

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