Council seeks to ban medical marijuana dispensary – Troy Daily News

TROY — Troy City Council will revisit two agenda items including its “Complete Streets” policy and the city’s potential ban of a medical marijuana dispensary in the business district.

On Monday, both issues were sent for a fourth reading. All members were present.

Last month, the law and ordinance committee agreed to support an amended ordinance to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.

The amendment to ban dispensaries is in response to the current Troy Planning Commission recommendation to allow one dispensary of medical marijuana in the highway business district.

Lynne Snee made the motion and John Schweser seconded it.

Council approved the amendment 8-1 with Bobby Phillips voting against the modification to ban a dispensary.

Aimee Shannon thanked council for many months of discussion and debate regarding the dispensary issue. She also thanked council members who have researched the benefits of medical marijuana.

“I’ve very much looking forward to when it comes to the table again when the state finalizes its rules,” she said.

Resident Cynthia Schaeffer said she supported a complete ban of dispensaries in Troy due to the drug issues in Troy and appreciated the council’s thoughtfulness of the issue.

Complete Streets Policy

Council member Robin Oda asked for a fourth reading of the Complete Streets policy. Council member Brock Heath supported a fourth reading.

Oda said she was concerned the council was adopting a policy that would not be reviewed without public input other than approving project bids.

Titterington said the policy is meant to raise awareness for all transpiration and make the roads more safe for all vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Council member Lynne Snee said the policy has been read twice and recommended twice. Council member John Terwilliger also said another reading would be redundant.

The city’s plan includes “Share Roads” and off-street modes of transportation

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