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Citrus County needs a medical cannabis dispensary. I am one of a few doctors in Crystal River qualified to prescribe medical cannabis and have almost 1,000 patients now. The results I have seen with this medicine has far exceeded my expectations. It works great for getting people off narcotic pain medicines as well as for severe anxiety with PTSD, Parkinson’s, cancer and chemotherapy side effects, and a bunch of other things.

Although one can get a card locally, patients have to drive over an hour to buy the products at a dispensary. The closest ones are in The Villages: True Leaf and Liberty. Contrast this with the fact that there are over 60 pharmacies in Citrus County — a drug store on every corner.

Sumter County (The Villages) actually has a smaller population than Citrus County. But they have their two dispensaries on U.S. 441 and they are doing a booming business. Liberty dispensary is a clean, modern business with glass walls and young professionals eager to help. It looks a lot like an Apple computer store. The clientele are mostly retired people who are health conscious and informed and want to avoid pharmaceuticals. Because insurance won’t pay for medical cannabis yet, they have to have disposable income.

Good dispensaries are destination points for people who may also stop by other local businesses and restaurants while they are there. The staff are young professional people who know this is an industry with huge potential for them.

Crystal River and Inverness should jump on this. Only

recently did the county commission vote to allow dispensaries here, but I propose we should be proactive in courting one of the 13 companies licensed to have a dispensary. It would benefit whichever city

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