Court upholds injunction against dispensary owner – Hot Springs Sentinel

The Arkansas Court of Appeals has affirmed the injunction a circuit court judge imposed in November 2019 against the CEO of the only licensed medical marijuana dispensary in the city of Hot Springs.

The opinion, written by Judge Waymond M. Brown, the court issued Wednesday said Bruce Simpson’s interest in Green Springs Medical would be irreparably harmed if CEO Dragan Vicentic were not enjoined from excluding Simpson from his share of the profits and in decisions on how the business is run.

Vicentic appealed the lower court’s ruling in late 2019.

Simpson is suing Vicentic in Garland County Circuit Court. The complaint he filed in September 2019 alleged Vicentic excluded him from profits, business decisions and access to business records despite the dispensary application filed with the state Medical Marijuana Commission in August 2017 listing Simpson as the security manager and vice chairman with a 40% stake in the business.

The higher court upheld Special Judge Ted Capeheart’s injunction setting aside 50% of past and future profits for Simpson and establishing a set of protocols allowing him to participate in business decisions and to have access to business records without going onto the premises.

Capeheart’s ruling didn’t grant Simpson physical access to the Seneca Street dispensary for fear it would spark an altercation. Simpson was granted access to bank statements, sales and payroll reports, purchase orders, invoices and other business records through an intermediary, as allowing Simpson on the property could lead to a “fistfight,” Capeheart told the litigants during an October 2019 hearing.

The 173-page redacted transcript of the hearing The Sentinel-Record obtained recounted the acrimony that festered between the partners as Green Springs became one of Arkansas’ first legal purveyors of a federally illicit drug.

Capeheart sealed the transcript, but the newspaper, through its attorney, Alec Gaines of

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