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For some, the thought of visiting a dispensary to purchase a product that for so long has been highly stigmatized (and illegal) may be overwhelming or intimidating. However, this by no means has to (nor should it be) the case. 

Cannabis has the ability to help create meaningful connections to ourselves, each other, and our communities. The job of a dispensary and its team members is to help make individuals feel as safe and comfortable as possible when they step inside, whether they are visiting for the first time or the fiftieth time. Knowing what to expect the moment one steps through the door is key to being set on the right path towards having a positive experience with cannabis.

This starts with developing and fostering a welcoming environment where consumers can be introduced to products and programs which can better help address their unique goals when it comes to consuming cannabis. While some dispensaries go all out to create an “Apple store for weed”, this can be a bit overwhelming. Alternatively, by designing a space to be a little more intimate, laid back, and simple, consumers can feel like they are walking into an open and accepting place built just for them.  



Additionally, it is imperative that team members receive on-going training on how best to interact with each and every consumer in a pressure-free setting. If someone wants to quickly get in and out, no problem. However, they must also be more than prepared to converse with those who may want to spend a little more time diving a bit deeper into what they wish to accomplish with cannabis and helping them to craft a personalized plan.    

The dispensary experience also extends well beyond the confines of the

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