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Dr. Linda Klumpers, founder of cannabis research and education organization, Cannify, is on a mission to provide objective, science-based cannabis education to dispensaries and their customers.

Klumpers and her team have developed a science-based algorithm that generates a personalized report for medical cannabis patients with data from relevant cannabis studies to help match patients with a list of relevant products for their preferences and personal characteristics.

The algorithm is presented in the form of a questionnaire, which dispensaries can offer patients through a widget on their websites or in-store tablets. Once a patient submits a completed questionnaire, they can browse through Cannify’s growing database of more than 1,500 items to see which products are relevant for them. They can even save the products they like for future reference.

“That … solves a lot of questions, such as, is there any study that shows whether Tourette’s can be helped with a cannabis product? We will give an overview of the scientific literature and a narrative that explains whether a therapeutic effect was found or not,” Klumpers tells Cannabis Dispensary. “After one fills in the questionnaire and gets the first report, there is a translation with algorithms to product matches, so you can see how closely a product could be related to the summary of literature findings.” 

This kind of education and support is key, she adds, because some patients might not know the difference between THC and CBD, for example, or how oral forms of cannabis might affect the body differently than a vape cartridge. Klumpers says it is also important to note that there is a huge difference between pharmaceutical products versus medical or recreational cannabis—something that is not always realized as “medical” sounds very medical and therefore is often perceived as products that have been actually tested in clinical

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