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Whether you’re partnered up or riding solo, marijuana can enhance the longevity, frequency and quality of sexual pleasure, reports a new survey out on Tuesday.

Though a number of recent scientific studies have found consuming cannabis can improve bedroom activities for men and women, a report from Lioness, the makers of the world’s first smart vibrator, and cannabis delivery service Eaze offers a more in-depth look at how the substance can affect people’s sex lives.

“Cannabis can enhance your orgasms no matter who you are,” the report states. “While a satisfying sex life is the result of many variables, cannabis can increase the length, frequency of, and quality of your orgasms and pleasure sessions whether you’re single or married, solo or with a partner, young adult or silver fox.”

The report is the result of an online survey shared with 432 Lioness newsletter subscribers in North America between June 23 and July 1. Researchers also included perspective from 19 Lioness users who documented their experiences with different cannabis products using their device. Products included THC- and CBD-infused vaporizers, edibles and lubricants.

“As cannabis becomes more and more a part of daily lives,” said Peter Gigante, Head of Data Research at Eaze, in an emailed statement, “we hope the key insights in this report help consumers understand its various benefits in the bedroom, and encourage people to explore it as knowledgeably as possible.”

Here are the different ways cannabis makes sex better, according to the report:

Longer Sessions

Participants reported that sex without marijuana consumption lasted 34.6 minutes with a partner, 19.2 minutes on their own and 12.6 minutes with the Lioness smart vibrator. When they consumed, however, 73 percent said their partner sessions went longer while 64 percent reported spending more time pleasuring themselves. Married couples were more likely to

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