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With an increase in the legalization of pot across the United States, researchers are diving into evaluating its impact on work place performance of employees. Like alcohol, the effects of smoking pot hours before work has a varying degree of impact on every individual’s working capacity, specially on the following day.

These reverberations depend on a number of factors, but on average,  will last between two to six hours in most individuals.

How long do chemicals from marijuana stay in the body?

The time limit of the effects of marijuana is highly dependent upon the amount consumed, the environment in which it is consumed and whether or not it was mixed with anything else.

In addition to this, the user’s weight, size, and metabolism will also determine the drug’s impact on them. This is primarily because THC is stored in fat cells. Therefore, people with a higher amount of fat cells will retain it for a longer period of time.

In general, the time THC will stay in the system depending on the frequency of usage is as follows:

One time use– Five to nine days Two to three uses in a week– 11 to 18 days Two to four uses in a month– 22 to 35 days Five to six uses per week– 33 to 48 days Daily use– 49 to 63 days How does smoking pot impact workplace performance?

Creative fields that require inspirations to succeed have often depended on marijuana for producing quality work.

The scientific explanation of this comes from the fact that marijuana is a stimulant. It has helped artists, musicians, painters etc, to ‘get into the zone’ by binding with receptors in the brain. According to artist Gina Beavers,“If I smoke weed and then go to bed, I’ll have mild hallucinatory effects as I’m

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