Delayed Dispensaries Give Some St. Louis Cannabis Entrepreneurs A Chance To Catch Up – St. Louis Public Radio

Zachery Post, owner of Elite Home Growers Academy, has been slammed with consultations to help people set up at-home marijuana grow stations. Since March, his small business has booked more than 15 appointments to help people set up tents, lighting and other equipment.

Corinne Ruff

In March, Zachery Post hosted in-person workshops to show students how to germinate seeds and clone a marijuana plant by demonstrating on a house plant.

“We got one phone call to do a tent installation, and we took pictures and put it on social media — and next thing you know we’ve been busy ever since.”

Post credits the sudden uptick in business with the fact that marijuana dispensaries still haven’t opened after the state delayed approving cultivation sites. At the same time, he points out, people are stuck at home because of the pandemic.

Some local cannabis entrepreneurs, including Post, see it as an opportunity to catch up to big players driving the state’s burgeoning industry.

Usually, he spends most of his time teaching twice monthly now-virtual workshops on how to invest in the cannabis industry and grow the plant at home. But for now Post is leaning into the remote demand for his services.

“If it was not COVID-19 it would be another challenge that we would have to push through, so just treat COVID-19 like any other challenge, get through it and just keep it moving,” he said.

Grabbing an opportunity

Melanie Marie Randels is on a mission to make sure that Black people in particular are not just consumers of this new industry but business owners. With dispensaries delayed, she said it’s the perfect opportunity to educate her north St. Louis County community about how to cash in.

“There is a true medicinal side to this plant, and now

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