Denying conflict, Crear fails to block cannabis dispensary in his ward – Las Vegas Review-Journal

A roughly 8,400-square-foot cannabis dispensary approved to open in northwestern Las Vegas, with the promise of supplying good-paying local jobs, is poised to become the first retail marijuana store in the city’s Ward 5.

But it is also moving forward without the support of the lawmaker who represents the district on the City Council.

“This is the wrong spot for it,” Councilman Cedric Crear said this month, on the losing end of a 4-2 vote to allow Deep Roots Medical LLC. to set up shop at 5991 W. Cheyenne Ave.

Crear objected to the location, which he said would be too close to homes and churches, adding that “an overwhelming amount” of constituents had reached out to him to also convey their opposition.

In the end, his vote did not change the outcome, with colleagues pointing to new jobs and the need to distribute retail marijuana stores more evenly across the city and beyond Wards 1 and 3, which have the only marijuana shops in the city now. The debate was perhaps most noteworthy, however, for ultimately failed efforts to keep Crear out of it.

Conflict of interest?

Before the vote Sept. 2, project representatives raised concerns with the fact that Crear’s brother, Kenneth Crear, serves on the board of directors for Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary, which was at the time a plaintiff in litigation against the state over how Nevada awarded multimillion-dollar dispensary licenses. Deep Roots Medical was a named defendant.

Deep Roots Medical urged Cedric Crear to disclose the relationship and recuse himself from a vote, citing a conflict of interest. But Crear, who accused the developer of “attacking my personal character and integrity,” denied there was a conflict. City Attorney Bryan Scott agreed, so long as Crear could say he believed his independent judgment not to be

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