Developer proposes adult-use cannabis dispensary in East Dubuque –

EAST DUBUQUE, Ill. — An Illinois developer has proposed opening an adult-use cannabis dispensary in East Dubuque as early as April, with plans of creating additional commercial attractions in the future.

Dan Dolan, owner of The Fulton Dispensary in Fulton, Ill., which sells medical marijuana, presented his plan to East Dubuque City Council members on Monday to soon begin the process of developing an adult-use cannabis dispensary in the strip-mall building located on Illinois Route 35, near Thumser’s 19th Hole.

Dolan, who opened The Fulton Dispensary in 2016, said he has been approved by the state for a same-site adult-use cannabis license for his Fulton facility, along with a secondary site adult-use cannabis license, which he intends to utilize in East Dubuque.

In order to comply with deadlines imposed by the state, Dolan said he intends to have the building renovated and given state approval over the next two months to pave the way for opening the business by April 1. He eventually hopes to expand the facility in the future.

“It’s going to move very fast,” Dolan said.

Speaking with City Council members, Dolan also shared his plans for a larger development plan to construct additional buildings around the dispensary to pave the way for future commercial businesses that would further promote tourism in East Dubuque. While no businesses have been officially proposed, Dolan said the additional development could include restaurants, retail businesses and lodging.

“I believe we can turn the location into its own destination” Dolan said. “I want to make it a regional attraction.”

However, in order to justify the investment, Dolan also requested East Dubuque City Council amend its current adult-use cannabis ordinance to give him exclusive rights to sell adult-use

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