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Last week the Lightshade dispensary chain voluntarily recalled marijuana from all eight locations over mold and yeast concerns, according to the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment; it was the second recall over mold to hit Lightshade since 2018.

And just two days later, MMJ America also issued a recall alert for marijuana products, in response to actions from state agencies. Are regulators just doing their jobs…or do indoor grows make such recalls inevitable?

Says Mark: 

You can’t grow indoors without regular pesticide use unless you want a mite farm…mold is also a huge, ever-present problem.

Responds Lindsay: 

There’s no reason why using ladybugs and any other safe and natural form of pesticide control can’t be used as much as possible, even if it can’t be 100 percent effective. The least of any of chemicals is the goal.

Notes Max:

And yet Monsanto’s pesticides are found in virtually everything and there is no reason for concern even though they have been proven to cause cancer.

Travis replies: 

Fuck off you greedy fucks.

And Dakota concludes: 

Grow your own!

Keep reading for more on recalls.

courtesy of Doctor’s Orders

“Marijuana Mold Recall Hits Multiple Dispensaries in Colorado”

Scott Lentz

“Lightshade Issues Marijuana Recalls Over Mold, Yeast Worries”

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Scott Lentz

 “Pesticide Recall Issued for MMJ America Products”

The Lightshade recall focused on yeast and mold. But in their collective announcement about MMJ Downtown issued two days later, the Colorado departments of Agriculture and Public Health and Environment and the state Marijuana Enforcement Division warned that state inspectors had found levels of diuron, a banned herbicide, in the dispensary’s cultivation.

“Affected products include

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