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On Tuesday, the Fullerton City Council discussed a proposed ordinance during a meeting to regulate commercial cannabis activity, but no decision was made that night. 

Matt Foulkes, the community and economic development director, presented the council with a summary of the commercial cannabis community outreach efforts over the last six months. The presentation provided the city staff and planning commission with more direction on the ordinance in regulating the activity within Fullerton. 

In 2017, one year after recreational cannabis use became legal in California, the city of Fullerton adopted an ordinance to prohibit all marijuana usage, including both medicinal and recreational dispensaries. 

“If you see a dispensary operating in the city, it is operating illegally. If there is a cultivation facility absent outside of a private residence, it is operating illegally,” Foulkes said. 

When California passed Proposition 64, it allowed adults who are 21 and older to possess and grow a specified amount of marijuana for recreational use. 

Foulkes went on to say that at any given time, there are between four to six commercial cannabis establishments operating illegally within the city. But in compliance with due process requirements, it takes the city six or more months to shut down the dispensaries. 

The recommendations provided in the draft ordinance outlined that dispensaries would be permitted to retail, manufacture, cultivate, transport or distribute and test within certain limits. 

Retail cannabis will be allowed in general commercial zones, but will not be permitted in residential zones, public zones or in Downtown Fullerton. The businesses will also not be permitted within a minimum of 600 feet from pre K-12 schools and daycare facilities. 

The areas around Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College will also not be available for retail licenses. 

Roughly 33 commenters, from both within and outside of Fullerton,

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