Dispensary cooks up creative, tasty noshes for medical marijuana patients – Boston Herald

Any college student can bake pot brownies. A few A-plus local food pros, however, have set their goals much higher.

Because of them, some of the most creative cooking in the Boston area isn’t happening at a restaurant. It’s going down in the kitchen at Ermont Inc., a medical marijuana dispensary in Quincy. Inside the windowless facility at the end of a one-way street, dozens of card-carrying patients per day pick up pot that can be used to soothe symptoms related to cancer, glaucoma and other ailments.

Though there are nine dispensaries in Massachusetts, Ermont stands out for its edibles. While others offer rote noshes such as cannabis-infused cookies and candy bars, Ermont, led partly by a team of established dining industry experts, ups the ante with a menu of totally unique, restaurant-­quality dishes such as mac ’n’ cheese, bacon-­asparagus quiche and queso dip that are all dosed with THC, the principal chemical compound in marijuana.

Patients can even find THC-infused olive oil, hot sauce and maple syrup to splash on food at home, and medicinal gel caps that dissolve in hot soup like bouillon cubes. The goal, says Ermont’s edibles team, is to come up with the most creative medicinal marijuana munchies around, and establish the dispensary as a leader in a brand-new, niche branch of the culinary industry.

In this kitchen, food is medicine. Literally.

“When I was sick as a kid, my grand­mother would cure me with matzo ball soup. She called it Jewish penicillin,” Seth Yaffe said. “When I tell her what I do now, she says, ‘I cure people with soup, you cure them with your food.’ ”

Yaffe is a longtime vet of the Boston dining industry, and spent nearly a decade running operations for the Gallows Group, the team behind buzzing South End

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