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COLLINSVILLE, Ill. — Beginning the week of Jan. 20, a dispensary in the Metro East will only serve medical patients marijuana on Mondays.

Illinois Supply and Provisions announced it will only serve medical patients at its Collinsville and Springfield dispensaries on Mondays of each week in 2020.

The decision for ‘Medical Mondays’ will allow dispensary staff to give its more than 6,000 medical patients the focus they deserve, a press release said.

“Working with our medical patients has and will always be a core mission and that doesn’t stop because we now have the ability to serve adult-use customers. Dedicating a day to work solely with our patients is the right thing to do for everyone,” said Illinois Supply and Provisions Chief Retail Officer Kim Kiefer.

The dispensary temporarily halted adult-use cannabis sales on Jan. 13 for the first time since recreational sales were made legal on New Year’s Day.

“It really worked well, not only for our medical patients who didn’t have to deal with big crowds and lack of parking, but also for our staff who were able to focus their efforts on patients and training new employees,” said AWH Regional Director Kathleen Olivastro.

Halting adult-use sales on Mondays will also allow the dispensaries to manage adult-use inventory with a lack of short-term supply expected to continue for several more months. Illinois Supply and Provisions will also continue to offer a limited selection of products and invoke purchase limits based on daily supply and demand to its adult-use customers.

“This is a learning process and we will continue to make adjustments that are in the best interests of both our medical patients and adult-use customers until we find our new normal.  We appreciate all of our patients and customers that continue to put their trust in us to

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