Dispensary Manager – Ganjapreneur

The Retail Store Manager spearheads information exchange and the cross training of staff to ensure processes and procedures are understood and ready for the retail sales environment. The manager must maintain records, embrace patient education, and have a basic understanding of marketing. He/she must ensure employees are properly trained and be aware of competitive pricing based on market conditions. He/she is responsible for ensuring that the dispensary is always in compliance with all the local and state laws regarding the operation of the facility.

Retail Store Manager Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

*Duties may vary depending on workload, staffing levels and direction from management
● Must be licensed by the State of Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division
● Responsible for opening and closing of the dispensary according to mandated protocols to ensure security.
● Cash handling and reconciliation: drawer set up and/or distribution of bills, vendor payments, petty cash reconciliation, ATM management.
● Manages inventory on the sales floor and with the POS.
● Secures merchandise by implementing security systems and measures.
● Responsible for managing the movement of flower from the safe to the floor.
● Creates P.O.’s for new products as well as pricing.
● Performs inventory re-stocking as needed.
● Communicates reorders of product up line.
● Responsible for the overall appearance of the dispensary ensuring all products are fully stocked.
● Researches and performs best price comparisons for all supplies at least once a quarter.
● Makes recommendations of when to discontinue unsuccessful items and provides suggestions for new products.
● Performs grocery and office supply shopping as needed.
● Maintains receipts for reconciliation with Daily Closing Reports
● Reconciles daily sales on Daily Closing Report, uploads appropriate data to Metrc and validates new ATM balance.
● Delivers nightly deposits to the bank drop.
● Monitors all communication boards for updates and ensures all staff is informed.
● Completes store operational requirements by scheduling

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