Dispensary owner asks Mt. Pleasant to change recreational marijuana ordinance – The Morning Sun

Caleb Carey, who along with his mother, Deborah Carey, owns Consano in downtown Mt. Pleasant, recently asked city commissioners to amend the recreational marijuana licensing ordinance to include medical marijuana dispensaries that are currently in operation. Speaking to commissioners at a virtual meeting, Carey said he and his mother were confused in August when they were not among the applicants given conditional approval for the sale of recreational marijuana. Carey, a resident of Mt. Pleasant, told commissioners that Consano was the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in the city and that improvements were made to the West Michigan Street building, including the addition of solar panels and refurbishing what he called a dilapidated structure. He added that he hired locally for security and for cabinetry construction, noting that the improvements are tangible while the applicants who were granted conditional approval – Troy-based Lume and Bay City-based Fire House – have proposed plans for their businesses that have not yet come to fruition. While Carey initially questioned the scores that committee members sent to city commissioners to select three applicants for conditional approval, he asked that the ordinance allow for current medical marijuana facilities to be approved for the sale of recreational marijuana. Doing so would not take away from the applicants who have received conditional approval, Carey said. During a virtual meeting in August, Carey and his mother spoke of the potential hardship of operating a medical marijuana dispensary after recreational marijuana is available. Deborah Carey said during the August meeting that requirements to get medical marijuana licenses as opposed to the ease of purchasing recreational marijuana will make it difficult to compete once the recreational dispensaries open. Mt. Pleasant City Manager Nancy Ridley said the adult use recreational

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