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A medicinal cannabis dispensary is seeking a license to operate in Troy city limits, and at the monthly work meeting of the Troy City Council Wednesday, neighboring businesses raised objections not to the dispensary itself, but to it being next to their businesses.

The proposed business would be a dispensary only, and neither cultivation nor production of products such as “edibles” — candy or baked goods infused with the active ingredients of marijuana — would take place there, business owner Barb Turner told the council.

Turner and her husband, Jon Meister, operate Alternative Releaf, which has a dispensary on the western edge of Libby city limits on Highway 2.

According to a business license application filed with Troy, the dispensary would employ one full-time and two part-time employees.

Turner told the council they intend to hire people who live in the Troy area, and that they already has the full-time employee picked out. She did not say who, but that she is a “pillar of the community,” and loved by residents of Troy.

Turner is requesting to do business at 42 South 7th Street in Troy.

She told the council that one of the difficulties in finding a location in Troy was meeting the requirement to be at least 500 feet from a church. The location that is open to rent in a small strip mall on 7th Street was the only one she could find that met that requirement.

After providing the council with several sheets detailing the strict regulatory and inspection regime her business must comply with, Turner fielded questions, primarily from Mayor Dallas Carr and Council Member T.J. Boswell.

In 10 years of operation, Turner said their dispensary has never been out of compliance with regulations against things such as consumption on the premises and the tracking

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