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Pleas for help were just the ticket to convince a Pauls Valley board to recommend a change to a still new ordinance for medical marijuana.

One by one operators of dispensaries stepped up at a meeting last week to voice their opposition to the restrictions placed on the days when their business can be open to the public.

They got their wish as the Pauls Valley Planning and Zoning Commission agreed to recommend that one specific portion of the recently approved ordinance be taken out completely.

The official commission vote came only after a number of dispensary owners got their say about how the ordinance would impact them and their patients, specifically the part about being closed on Sundays and some holidays.

“We want to know your reasoning,” said Judy Kelly about the specific hours included in the ordinance.

“It looks like you’re not taking this seriously as medicine. This is medicine. Why is it not being treated as medical. It’s not pot.

“This is something we’re operating in the best interest of our patients. I don’t know why we’re being punished for being a medical marijuana dispensary.”

The ordinance section in question called for dispensaries to be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. most days and closed on Sundays and four specific holidays – Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th and New Year’s Day.

There were those like Adrian Johnson, who goes by A.J., and Jordan Grant who didn’t like references to medical marijuana being compared to things like alcoholic beverages, which Grant pointed out is accessible to the public just about any time of the day.

“We should have the same rules as a pharmacy. To close it on moral reasons is wrong,” Johnson said, adding there is one pharmacy in town open Sundays.

“It’s not pot,” Grant said during his comments to the commission, which at

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