Dispensary rolls out medical marijuana delivery – News 10NBC

They launched their pilot program right here in Rochester offering convenience for homebound patients in the area like Cheryl Lombardo. 

Lombardo has fought cancer and suffers from lupus giving her chronic pain.

“That’s when they started me on the medical marijuana which I felt was a relief for me,” Lombardo said. “I feel much better.”

Lombardo says sometimes it’s a hassle to leave the house to get her prescription.

“I’m mostly homebound because it’s such an effort and I have a wheelchair,” Lombardo said. “I also hate asking people to take me places.”

Lombardo was happy to give Columbia Care’s delivery service a try. She orders her medicine online and it’s delivered to her door. 

Corey Hewitt, director of Columbia Care New York says patients can only use a debit card to purchase the products with an added $20 delivery fee. Hewitt says everyone who gets medical marijuana might not qualify for the delivery service. 

“You would have to have some qualifying conditions,” Hewitt said. “We would require proof of inability to come into a dispensary on regular basis and proof of New York State handicapped application.” 

Hewitt also adds discretion is key and drivers are a part of the company, instead of hiring a courier service. 

“We are not out advertising so our vehicles would not be marked with any sort of external Columbia Care logo on them,” Hewitt said.

Lombardo has been using the service since it began earlier this month and she says she feels secure with the process.

“Them coming to my door and bringing me that it just takes one burden off my mind,” Lombardo said.

Columbia Care says when the delivery arrives patients must show identification and their medical marijuana card to get their medicine. The company plans to

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