Downtown Scottsdale Might Get a Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Phoenix New Times

A new and fancy medical marijuana dispensary soon could be setting up shop in downtown Scottsdale, the first of its kind amid strict city limits on dispensary locations.

The new shop, proposed by grower and dispensary operator Sunday Goods, would replace Club Tattoo, at 4255 North Winfield Scott Plaza. Its opening is likely to shutter the Christian Science Reading Room next door and force a nearby preschool to move elsewhere.

Sorry, toddlers and Christian Scientists and people wanting tattoos. Someone’s got medical marijuana to sell.

The 2,300-square-foot dispensary would be “a high-end retail experience that looks like something that might be found at Scottsdale Fashion Square or Scottsdale Quarter,” promises Sunday Goods’ rezoning application to the city.

The project still has to clear at least two major bureaucratic hurdles. It needs to secure that rezoning approval, to downgrade zoning from one type of commercial designation to a less intense one, and it needs to secure a permit from the city to operate the dispensary. Reviews for both are expected this summer or next fall.

Fortunately for Sunday Goods, it has connections. Its spokesperson is Jason Rose (if the name of the local, infamous PR specialist doesn’t already speak for itself, the linked story will). Its planner is George Pasquale, with the firm Withey Morris. Paquale’s wife, Kelsey, was Scottsdale’s planning commissioner until March, when she resigned amid conflict-of-interest complaints.

Sunday Goods already has secured a coveted license from the state to open a dispensary in southern Scottsdale. It swears in its rezoning proposal that “it was a stroke of good fortune for both the City and the Applicant that the Scottsdale South … license was awarded by the State to Sunday Goods.”

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